Last Flight Out - A New Murder Mystery Novel by S. J. Miller

Suspense  •  Murder  •  Mystery  •   Chicago Mobsters  •  Sex & The Underworld

A brand new self-published book by new author S. J. Miller

last flight out imageSet in Chicago, this newly self-published murder mystery and suspense novel, by S.J. Miller, delves into the career of an unsuspecting, advertising executive who only wanted to further her career in the one love of her life: the advertising industry.

Then her world was turned upside down. Several unsavoury characters from Chicago's seedy underworld started to enter her daily life - forcing her to live two separate lives.

Follow Danielle through the narrow escapes of her life as she treads the stepping stones of sex, death, the mob, and her advertising career.

Perhaps this is another of those books that are hard to put down, as S.J. Miller makes her publishing debut.

Book Self-Publishing

There are many companies that will publish your book for you: typically known as self-publishing. There will be many options and choices open to you when dealing with a self-publishing book company.

In the Articles section of this site, I have written some articles that outline some of the finer points of self-publishing your own work.

Self Publishing Book Articles & Information

Marketing Your self-published Book

Self-publishing your work is probably the most cost-effective way of getting it into print. However, once you have your book in print, nobody wants to buy it. This is because nobody knows about it. So we have to do a little marketing for ourselves.

Most self-publishing companies will almost certainly have a link on their web site to help visitors buy your book. But you have to drive traffic to that link for it to work.

How to Market your Self-Published Book